Gianluca De Lorenzis (CEO)

Gianluca De Lorenzis is CEO of the FGND Group and founder of Incospro. For more than 20 years he advises decision makers and board members in different branches on how to design and implement digital transformation processes.

His areas of expertise include the development of highly efficient IT-architectures as well as the set-up of digital end-to-end processes in purchasing and supply chain management.

Michael Milisavljevic (COO)

Michael Milisavljevic is founder of Incospro GmbH. He has more than 20 years of experience as strategy and technology consultant in different industries, advising companies like Bayer AG and BrainNet Management Consultants GmbH.

As senior expert of international Solution Teams of the FGND Group and COO of Incospro the graduate diploma in business studies bears responsibility in particular for providing concepts for solution architectures, process design and reengineering of business processes as well as IT processes.